About 34 years ago, Steve Shaw established Aaron Upholstery.

His desire was to provide a quality in furniture that he was yet to see, not only in the average home, but in luxury homes and buildings. This included a service for recover/reupholstery of antiques and the like, as well as the recover of his own furniture pieces.

Whether you choose from our floorstock or get your sofa custom made, all the frames are built using hardwood, and are glued and screwed. Our traditional pieces still contain steel bound coil sprung seats, stitched with coconut fibre, flock filled with lintus in the body work, and feather filled seat and back cushions. This is how fine antique furniture was originally made.

The highest quality materials are also used in our contemporary styles of furniture.

Steve set a high standard to achieve a quality of finish, and a comfort level that has been acknowledged in the furniture industry for years. This level is still being achieved today by his skilled team of craftsmen at Aaron Upholstery.